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Hazardous liquid tanks

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Our main profile:

Custom made stainless steel vessel fabrication for the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry. Serial production, and custom fabrication of special stainless steel constructions, parts, etc.

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Having received the URS/specification from our customer, our company can supply full design service including strength calculation. During the design phase there is no need for frequent meetings harmonize personally, as the electronic dataexchange is given.

A few data:

Computer design – Solid modeling & drafting: AUTOCAD
Test modelling – Solid modeling: AUTOCAD INVENTOR
Plate modelling – Sheetmetal modeling: AUTOCAD INVENTOR
PED registration: TÜV Rheinland
Strength calculation modelling – Code calculations: AD2000 EN13445 API65011/1994 (III.25) IKM PED 97/23/EC – European Pressure Equipment Directive (CE marking)

We can mainly desing the following equipments:

  • Vertical pressure vessels

  • Horizontal pressure vessels

  • Reactors

  • Heat-Exchangers

  • Storage tanks

Main characterisctic of our design system:

  • accuracy

  • continuous consultation with the client

  • flexibility

  • team work

  • cost efficiency

Design can be made in 2 or 3D.

We have already fabricated 50 liter and also 3600 liter vessels, but most of our products are between volume 0,1 m3 and on the road transportable volumes (even with road licence for oversize/overweight transports). So actually only road transport possibilities limitate the dimensions of the tanks we can build.

We can also erect tanks on site, we have work experience in this field also.

During manufacture we focus on the specific requirements of the industry we are working for. During manufacture clients can keep continuous contact with our engineers to efficiently manage the given project.

Uniquely both in Hungary and in Central Europe, we excusively possess all technologies and equipments in house needed to manufacture different process equipments.

Lately some of our clients have a demand for Hastelloy vessels or vessels made of other Nikkel alloys, as these materials have very good mechanical and heat resistance properties.

Surface finish

Inner and outer polishing of our equipments is carried out according to the requirements of our clients, with our special equipments.

The pickling and passivating of the steel surfaces is carried out with the best available technology in a utility qualified for all enviromental standards.

Corrosion resistant steel:

  • Stainless steel (mainly) 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571,
  • Duplex (mostly 1.4462 and LDX2101)
  • Heat resistant steel

Construction steel

Aluminium alloys

Non-ferrous metal alloys (Ni alloys, Hastelloy X, Titanium, etc.)

  • Manual TIG (141)

  • Twin TIG (141)

  • Manual MIG (135, 136, 138)

  • Automatic cold wire TIG (141)

  • Automatic cold wire plasma (15) / MIG (135)

  • Coated electrode metal arc welding (111)

PATENT has got all the necessary certificates and licences that are necessary for our specialized production.

  • Our operation is controlled by our EN ISO 9001-2008 quality management system. PATENT has been qualified for the production of welded structures, pressure tanks and storage tanks of hazardous substances according to the requirements of , AD 2000 Merkblatt HPO. We can fabricate according the requirements of 97/23/EK directive’s G; B1+F és B+F modul depending on the classification of the equipment. (PED)

  • We have a licence to fabricate storage tanks for hazardous liquids and melts according to 11/1994 (III. 25.) IKM departmental order, and EN 15085 Railways Manufacturer’s Certificate. Qualifying company: TÜV Rheinland.

  • Our welding technology is continuously supervised by procedure checks and by welder’s examinations according to the requirements of AD2000 Merkblatt HP5/2 and EN 287-1. Qualifying company: TÜV Rheinland

  • Surface finish/roughness analysis and documentation by means of automatic gauges.

  • Manufacturing plan in case of pressure tanks/vessels and checking of documentation by a 3rd party qualifying company (TÜV Rheinland)

  • Permanent checking of controlling, measuring and examining gauges. (ISO 9001:2008)

  • Selection and auditing of suppliers according to ISO9001:2008

  • Quality Assurance Plan

  • Checking of incoming goods, keeping records of them, tracking of products, material certifications and traceability. (ISO 9001:2008)

  • Intermediate production control, non-destructive testing of weld seams using a 3rd party accredited laboratory when appropriate.

  • Managing of non-conformity issues, taking corrective and preventive actions. (ISO 9001:2008)

  • Final inspection and pressure tests by a 3rd party qualifying company (TÜV Rheinland)

  • Handling, storing, conservation and forwarding of goods according to ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 3834-2 tanúsítványISO 9001 tanúsítványAD 2000 tanúsítványped-tanusitvany-logo11-94 tanúsítvány3-98 tanúsítvány

Our usual pressure vessel documentation is done in line with the modern European standards. In case our client has special requirements, we are preparing the documentation according to these requirements. We can also provide FAT, IQ and OQ documentation.

Currently we can ensure documentation according to the AD2000 and GOST standards or cGMP directive. Our ASME „U” stamp qualification is in progress, hopefully we will have this qualification in the summer of 2014. The language of the documentation can be Hungarian, English, German or Russian.

The conditions of the guarantee are greatly depending upon the certain industry branch, we are always trying to fulfill all of our customers’ requirements.